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At Plato, we're on a mission to help Engineers become great Engineering Leaders

We have more than 100 mentors in our community who accepted to share their knowledge, including Engineering Leaders from Segment, Lyft, Facebook, Google, Trello, Netflix, Digital Ocean, Spotify, Slack, …

For the mentors, Plato is a way to leverage their talent by sharing their experience, but also to help people they can identify with and that are willing to learn.

Our clients include Lyft, TuneIn, Betterment, Scality, Telmate...

To have a sense of who are those mentors and why they're doing it:


We're a mission driven company:

  • We’re a young startup that took part in last winter’s YCombinator program and NUMA Accelerate program with founders from HEC, Polytechnique, Supaero and Design school UID
  • We’re funded by prestigious investors such as Slack, YCombinator, Jason Lemkin, NUMA, Algolia CEO, Wit.ai CEO as well as prestigious VCs (FundersClub, Alven, Partech)
  • We’re now between Paris and San Francisco. Travels will be much encouraged.
  • We believe in simple values such as humility, kindness, pragmatism and trust

The Plato Team and some of Plato Mentors:

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